Q:  Will I meet my dog walker?
A:  Yes.  An initial consultation is provided where I will come and meet with you to discuss your specific requirements. There is no charge for this service.

Q:  How much are the walks?
A:  Please see our pricelist for further details.
You may see other walkers advertising lower prices online, but they may not be insured or have police checks. Our prices are comparable with other professional insured & police checked dog walking businesses in the area.

Q:  How will you collect and drop-off my dog?
A:  I call round at your house and collect your dog; then I take them for a walk in the local area and return your dog after its walk.

I also have keys to clients’ houses should you require me to walk them during the day whilst you are at work. These are stored in a secure area and labeled in a way that the address can not be identified. I am insured as a keyholder.

Q:  How many dogs do you walk at one time?
A:  I walk a maximum of two to three dogs per walk.  This ensures they do not get over excited and have my full attention so that they are kept safe

Q:  If I want you to take my dog by itself, will you do this?
A: Yes, I offer tailored walks as well as traditional dog walks.

Q:  Do you let the dogs off the lead?
A:  I will always walk dogs on their leads unless there are suitable conditions such as a safe gated park, your dog has a good recall and is well socialised with other dogs and people. A dog will only be walked off the lead with prior permission from the owner.

Q. Does my dog need to have a collar and tag on when you walk them?
Yes. The Control of Dogs Order 1992 requires most dogs to have a collar with the name and address of the owner inscribed on it, or a tag/disc.

Q:  Where do you walk?
A:  This depends where you live and your dogs preferences but will be places like Grovelands Park and Broomfield Park.

CRB_Checked_EmblemQ:  Have you had a Criminal Record Check (CRB)?
A:  Yes, I have a criminal record check via disclosure. Copies of certificate can be shown on request as part of the consultation.

Q:  What do I do if I need to cancel?
A:  Please contact me via phone or email giving 24 hours notice.  otherwise we reserve the right to charge for the visit at 100% of the normal rate. A minimum period of 4 weeks is required for cancellation of a regular service, i.e.; dog walks.

Q:  What do you do if there is an emergency?
A:  Although this is unlikely, you will be notified immediately. If veterinary attention is required, then I will take your dog to your chosen vet or the nearest possible surgery depending on the circumstances.

Q:  How do I pay?
A:  Payment can be made at the end of each week by cash or bank transfer. (Special offers may be payable in advance.)

Q) Do your services cater for all dog breeds?
Yes. I take each dog on its own merit. I meet all dogs before I walk them and offer a free trial walk. Unfortunately I may  decline to take any male dog over the age of 1 year that has not been castrated as in my experience other dogs can sense him as a possible mate and view him as a dominant dog which can lead to problems on a walk.

I also ask that your dog is fully up to date with their vaccinations and free from any infectious illnesses.

Insured_EmblemQ. What does your insurance cover?
I have  Public liability insurance up to £3,000,000. I am fully insured to walk and  care for your dog as well as look after your keys